Covid19 Closure January 2022

As many of us know Central Australia’s remote communities are currently in a Covid19 outbreak. Haasts Bluff is part of the Northern Territories remote community exclusion zone which means only residents and essential workers can travel through our country making essential supplies scarce. You can read more about the NT government exclusion zones here –

Due to the safety regulations, Ikuntji Artists is currently operating on a heavily limited basis, making us unable to have regular access to the art centre to pack and send newly sold artwork. This has been affecting our artists immensely as Ikuntji Artists is the main source of income for much of the local community. 

We’d like to thank anyone able to make a purchase from Ikuntji Artists over the next few weeks, supporting our local artists through this difficult time. And for understanding your package might take a little longer then before. Any purchases made directly supports the lives of this remote community.

We will always notify customers of their tracking numbers as soon as we have sent your items, and our admin staff are always available via email to answer any of your questions.

Thank you for understanding,