Volunteer & Intern Stories

Maddy Power – Intern

In October 2019, I had the opportunity to undertake a 4-week internship at Ikuntji Artists. I chose to come to Haasts Bluff after graduating from a Bachelor of Fine Arts/Visual Art in 2018 and wanted to gain some more professional experience and learn more about contemporary Aboriginal Art.  I had a great time working in

Christopher Dewar – intern

In 2013 I was awarded the amazing opportunity to undertake a 10-week internship at Ikuntji Artists. The internship was provided through The National Art School’s Aboriginal Art Centre Internship program. As a practising artist, the opportunity to explore indigenous culture and art practice in the birthplace of the 1970’s aboriginal art movement was invaluable. It

Lily Bennion and Cameron Franklyn – interns

I was given the opportunity to volunteer at Ikuntji Artists in Haasts Bluff NT through the University of Western Australia after having done a semester’s work on Contemporary Aboriginal Art in my Art History degree. This experience was incredibly worthwhile and exposed me to the inspirational people and the landscape embedded in so many works.

Julia North – volunteer

My name is Julia, I have an academic background in Anthropology and Sociology through the University of Sydney. In 2014 I have been lucky enough to visit Ikuntji twice as a volunteer. I was quite unsure what to expect from my time in the community; how I would go in such a different cultural context

Melanie Greiner – intern

In 2013, I completed an internship for eight weeks at the Ikuntji Artists Aboriginal Corporation in Haasts Bluff funded through the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service). Working at the art centre was a great experience and unique opportunity to get to know more about Australia’s indigenous art world and the people who vividly contribute to

Emma Kirby – intern

In the winter of 2014, I came to Ikuntji Artists for 10 weeks as an intern. I had recently graduated from The National Art School and was lucky enough to receive their Aboriginal Art Centre Internship award. I had studied Aboriginal art however, I was aware that reading stuff in books is one thing and