Rosalie Miller Jugadai

Rosalie Miller Jugadai

Language:Luritja, PintupiDate of birth:1950-06-15Artwork themes:Honey Ant, Yalka Tjukurrpa (Bush Onion Dreaming), Dancing Women

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Rosalie Miller Jugadai Napaltjarri was born in 1950 at Haasts Bluff. She is the daughter of Tilau Nangala and Henry Jugadai, whose younger brother Two Bob Tjungurrayi painted for many years with Paddy Carroll Tjungurrayi for Papunya Tula Artists at Three Mile outstation, Papunya. Rosalie’s family moved to Papunya where she attended Papunya school and later worked in the pre-school as an Education Assistant. She married Frank Miller and they had five children: sons Henry and Ewella, and daughters Ceecee, Heidi and Nana. Rosalie now lives at Five Mile outstation, Papunya, where her first canvases were painted for the inaugural Papunya Tjupi exhibition at Ivan Dougherty Gallery in 2007. She was taught to paint by her mother Tilau, who also taught Rosalie’s daughters Heidi and Nana. Rosalie’s paintings usually depict the Honey Ant Dreaming for Papunya and the Bush Onion story for Karrinyarra, her father’s Dreaming. These days, the care of her twelve grandchildren occupies most of Rosalie’s time and energy.

Past Exhibitions

  • Ikuntji Artists - Irrimatitja, Japingka Gallery, Fremantle WA 2018-09-21
  • Around the Campfire - Fundraiser Concert, Alice Springs 2014-10-17
  • Beckworth Gallery, Ballarat, VIC, "Ikuntji Artists" 2009-01-01