Mulpu - Bush Mushroom by Anmanari Nolan Albertine


This work shows the artist’s personal Tjukurrpa, the Mulpu (native mushroom), as it was handed to her by her mother. The Mulpu grows after the seasonal rains along the creek and river banks Kungkayunti. They represent good times out in the desert, and a time for celebration as the landscape comes alive with bush tucker of all sorts. “After the rain comes the bush mushroom sprouting from the ground, we pick them and they are delicious to eat.” Anmanari came to have the Mulpu as her personal law because her mother was eating the mulpu on the night that Anmanari was born, causing a quickening of the pregnancy. In her paintings the artist likes as well to depict women digging for the mushrooms with their traditional tools, their coolamons and nulla nullas.