Water Dreaming - Watiyawanu by Jeannie Wareenie Ross


This painting depicts the Kapi Tjukurrpa (Water Dreaming) north of Watiyawanu (Mt Liebig), located on the Western edge of the West Macdonnell Ranges (West of Haasts Bluff). The circular shapes are waterholes surrounded by red sandhills. Rivers are represented through wavy lines.

“I am painting the water Dreaming at the north side Watiyawanu with the snake on the side. This is the Dreaming and country from my father’s side, Warlpiri country. A long time ago my father told me this story and we have been painting this story on the canvas for a long time too. is the story of walking up and down the sand hills, sleeping there, camping there. We still go there, making fire, sitting on top of the red sand. “

In some of her paintings, Jeannie shows women sitting and singing around the waru (fire) while men and women dance. Around them sit painted nulla nulla (dancing sticks), painted coolamons (wooden carrying tray) and more paints, which the men and women paint on their bodies. Sometimes bush medicines and ypalu (green bush banana) can also be seen around the fire.”