Tjilpi Kutju Tjukurrpa by Jeffery Zimran


This is the travelling Tjukpurrpa (dreaming) of Tjilpi Kutju (one old man). The Tjilpi is travelling from North of Illpilli outstation (West of Haasts Bluff, Northern Territory) further west towards Yumari. Yumari is a collection of rockholes west of Kintore in the Gibson Desert, Western Australia. The Tjilpi is an Ngangkari (medicine man/witch doctor). On his journey he stops at Nurapalangu. It was at Nurapalangu that he left his special powers in a cave. Since then, the cave has remained a sacred place where old men continue to visit. The Tjilpi then continued towards Yumari. When he arrived there, he met a woman who was of a different skin name, one who he was forbidden to marry. Yumari is therefore a site of forbidden love between the two. That is why Yumari is called so, it means ‘mother in law’. After Yumari the Tjilpi continues travelling west. Jeffrey depicts the talis (sandhills) that run along the line that the Tjilpi travelled through north of Kintore to Yumari.

This is the Tjukurrpa of Jeffrey’s father, and grandfather. Their country is Yumari. Jeffrey learnt this story from his grandfather, Uta Uta Tjangala who painted the same story for Papunya Tula in the early 1970’s with his brother, Minpuru Tjangala.