Warliyajarrayi by Roseranna Larry


This Tjukurrpa (Dreaming)  was passed down to the Roseranna from her grandmother (grandfather’s sister), Old Lady Napaltjarri Morton. This is her country and Dreaming. Old Lady Napaltjarri Morton was an Anmatyerre and Warlpiri woman from Willowra. Roseranna grew up watching her paint, telling her that story. It was not until the passing of Old Lady Naltjarri Morton in 2017, that Roseranna began painting this Tjukurrpa on canvas. 

The painting shows the story of Janyanpartinya creek (Mount Campbell). The kingki/tjanpa and milarrpa watinki/ukurrukurru tjuta (boogey men and women) live near this creek. 

The old ladies can sing the boogey men and women so that they come.