21 Years Ikuntji Artists Community Painting: Kanparrka Tjukurrpa

Ended — at Ikuntji Artists

Ikuntji Community Painting Image Courtesy Ikuntji Artists

As part of our 21 Years Ikuntji Artists Festival celebrations, the community artists got together to create an amazing one-off community painting. The work is 182 cm by 244 cm and features the distinctive painting styles of significant Ikuntji artists. Furthermore the painting tells the story of Haasts Bluff: the many countries people come from and their connections to them, which is reflected in the various Dreamings being depicted in the painting. All the artists worked together to make this magnificent piece a unified composition which represents the community as a whole.
Community painting for web

Image: Ikuntji Artists


Ikuntji Artists
Lot 53
Haasts Bluff, NT 0872