Desert Mob Christmas Marketplace (Online)


Ikuntji Artists are excited to be part of Desart’s Christmas Market Place which will be held online!

8am CST Saturday 14th November – 8pm Sunday 15th November

Give original and unique artworks this Christmas, direct from Central Australia. – the birthplace of the Aboriginal Art movement.
It has been an iconic year.

Full of challenges and interruptions, this year has influenced some expressive, energetic and bold works.
Desart’s online Christmas MarketPlace celebration is a chance to explore these works and stories from the desert artists.
Paintings, weavings, sculptures and more will be available over two days from over 20 art centres.
Your support goes directly to artists, their families, jobs and communities.

Participating art centres: Ikuntji Artists  /  Arlpwe Art & Culture Centre  /  Iltja Ntjarra Many Hands Art Centre  /  Tangentyere Artists  /  Maruku Arts  /  Warakurna Artists  /  Warlukurlangu Artists  /  Tjanpi Desert Weavers  /  Keringke Arts  /  Papunya Tjupi  /  Martumili Artists  /  Hermannsburg Potters  /  Tjarlirli Art  /  Barkly Regional Arts  /  Kaltjiti Arts  /  Ernabella Arts  /  Walkatjara  /  Ninuku Arts  /  Warlayirti Artists  /  Bindi Mwerre Anthurre Artists  /  Artists of Ampilatwatja  /  Tjungu Palya  /  Nyinkka Nyunyu Art & Culture Centre  …

Visit event website.