Desert Mob exhibition 2016, Alice Springs

Ended — at Araluen Arts Centre

This year’s Desert Mob exhibition at Araluen features an ambitious project by Ikuntji Artists. 21 artists came together over period of many weeks to create the “Story Necklace”. Trips to country in collaboration with Central Land Council and Macdonnell Regional Council Youth Program made this happen.

Whilst women collected the seeds and created the necklace, male artists recorded it.

The ‘Story Necklace’ represents all the different stories told when visiting country, each seed is a story and encapsulates that moment. It also represents all the time spent together when making the necklaces, sitting around the fire, pokering the holes with the hot wire, threading one seed and one story next to the other.

14089135_1073989165999621_6657073896199898247_n 14224900_1073989045999633_9209235360150689927_n ‘Story Necklace’ is 50m long in circumference and consists of a variety of seeds: gum nuts, ininti, and quandong. It is suspended on multi-strand stainless steel wire.

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All photos are an edition of 5 and come in various sizes.

For any enquiries regarding the prints or the Story Necklace contact Araluen Arts Centre during Desert Mob and afterwards us at

Visit event website.


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