Digital Media Workshop at Ikuntji Artists

Ended — at Ikuntji Artists

Over the period of two weeks arts workers and artists from Ikuntji Artists had the opportunity to learn how to interview, film and take photos of artists, models and the landscape. This is part of our Australia Council Chosen Funding, which aims at transferring knowledge from older to younger generations.

Every day new skills around digital media, the use of cameras, Ipads and computers were acquired. The outcome of the workshop is a series of films of artists talking about their lives and country on the one hand and a series of photos of models wearing Ikuntji Artists’ created garments in and around the community.

The workshop engaged a variety of arts workers and artists giving each the opportunity to learn how to record their stories with their voices.

Albie Jack filming Eunice Napanangka Jack and Marlene Jack in conversation about Eunice’s life and her art


Ikuntji Artists
Lot 53
Haasts Bluff, NT 0872