Eunice receives the ‘Banyule Award for Works on Paper’ Commendation Award

Ended — at Banyule City Council

We are very proud to announce that Eunice Napanagnka Jack has received the Commendation Award for this years Banyule Award for Works on Paper. Congratulations Eunice!

Kuruyultu (2020)
Limited edition print, etching
106 x 78cm

In this print, Eunice depicts her father’s Tjukurrpa (Dreaming). It shows the country at Kuruyultu, near Tjukurrla in Western Australia.

Napanangka Jack says about the artwork: “This is my country. I can’t remember how it all happened, because it happened before I was born. I have a scar on my back from it. My grandfather speared a wallaby at Kuruyultu. That night he ate that wallaby. At the same time my mother could feel me moving inside her. She was heavily pregnant with me. That next morning, after my grandfather had speared the wallaby, killed it and eaten it, I was born. I was born at Kuruyultu, near the rock hole there. I can’t remember my grandfather or my grandmother. I was still a little baby. We left that place, Kuruyultu. My father, my mother, my big sister and my father’s brother, we all left together and went to Haasts Bluff. I grew up in Haasts Bluff. I have been back to Kuruyultu for visits but I never lived there again in my country. I think about it every day.”

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Banyule City Council
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