Jewellery workshop at DAAF

Ended — at Darwin Convention Centre

Join Ikuntji artists to learn one of Indigenous Australia’s oldest forms of art making. Ininti seeds, which naturally occur in various colours including red, yellow, orange, dark red and brown, are paired with gum nuts to produce striking jewellery. Artists will teach participants how to individually prepare and decorate gum nuts for this process, before producing a necklace or bracelet to take home.

Workshop includes a 15 minute tea break.

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Native to Australia, the Ininti tree (Bat’s wing coral) can be found growing around Haasts Bluff. Ininti seeds can be found in the sand, or inside the pods still on the trees. The seeds naturally grow in varying colours from dark reds to light yellows. The flowers are equally vibrant, ranging from rich oranges into reds. Ininti are still collected today and made into jewellery at Ikuntji Artists.

Kelly Dixon making jewellery in the studio
New necklaces bursting with colour, made by Kelly Dixon.

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Darwin Convention Centre
Stokes Hill Road
Darwin, NT 0800