Tarnanthi Festival in Adelaide

Ended — at Art Gallery of South Australia

Christine Multa 2013, photograph

TARNANTHI, pronounced tar-nan-dee, is a Kaurna word from the traditional owners of the Adelaide Plains. It means to come forth or appear – like the sun and the first emergence of light, or a seed sprouting. For many cultures, first light signifies new beginnings.

TARNANTHI, the inaugural Festival of Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art, will open 8 October and cast new light on the art of Australia’s rich and diverse indigenous cultures. It will be presented by the Art Gallery of South Australia in partnership with BHP Billiton supported by the Government of South Australia.

Ikuntji Artists is very proud and excited to be part of this new festival and hope to see you all there.

For further details check out their website:

Christine Multa 2013, photograph
Christine Multa 2013, photograph

Tarnanthi Festival website

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Art Gallery of South Australia
North Terrace
Adelaide, SA 5000