Jewellery Workshop

Ikuntji Artists recently hosted workshops for a contemporary jewellery project curated by Emily McCulloch Childs, of McCulloch & McCulloch and Melanie Katsalidis, of Pieces of Eight. The workshops were run by Kate Rohde, resin artist and Pieces of Eight jeweller, and curator Emily McCulloch Childs, who visited Ikuntji Artists for a week-long intensive workshop on

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Professional Development for Ikuntji Artsworkers

We are pleased to say that at our workers at Ikuntji Artists have been receiving substantial professional development over the past 12 months. In November 2013 Alison and Christine went to Alice Springs for a one-week artsworker intensive with the Batchelor Institute of Tertiary Education. They specialised in developing curatorial skills and were invited to

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Working Together Governance Workshop

We were very pleased to host Maggie Cavenaugh on 18th February. Ikuntji Artists is a locally owned and run organisation with a board comprising of local Indigenous people. Maggie workshopped ideas and approached to good governance with the Board of Directors. It was a fantastic day with some really positive outcomes.

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Desert Mob 2013

Desert Mob 2013 In September, Ikuntji Artist Alison Multa will present at the Desert Mob symposium. The Symposium features a number of invited artists and special guests to present stories about their art practice and projects being developed. Alison will present stories and images about her art, art centre, country and culture. Also, several Ikuntji

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Peter Hudson and Euan MacLeod workshops at Ikuntji Artists

Renowned plein-air artists Peter Hudson and Euan MacLeod recently came to Ikuntji Artists in June/July 2013 to run a series of workshops. Working with Ikuntji Artists Walter Jugadai, Alison Multa and Gordon Butcher, they spent time travelling around the country, and sharing painting techniques. Walter and Gordon produced a series of fine works in utilising

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Steven Pearce comes to Ikuntji

The Desart Aboriginal Art Worker’s Program recently ran a series of digital photography workshops that aim to upskill art workers in the media so that they can develop technical skills for both administration and their own artistic practice. Photographer Steven Pearce came out to Ikuntji Artists and worked with artworker Christine Multa on a one-day

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Painting and Drawing Workshop

In November 2012, as part of the re-invigoration of Ikuntji Artists under new management, Marina Strocchi ran a 5-day painting and drawing workshop. Desart funded the week as part of the manager induction program. It was an inspiring week, which reignited the creativity of the many artists and resulted in a Solo Exhibition at Alcaston

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