Do I get any documentation with the artwork that I purchase? And what kind of documentation?

Yes, you get a Certificate of Authenticity showing an image of the artwork and detailing the story depicted in the artwork.

I have lost my documentation. Can I get a replacement?

Yes, we can issue you with a new Certificate of Authenticity. This costs $55 per new Certificate of Authenticity.

I bought an artwork by Ikuntji Artists many years ago and would like to get it valued. Would you value artworks?

Ikuntji Artists is not a licensed valuer. Please contact a licensed valuer, such as Sothebys or Bonhams and Goodmans for a proper valuation of your artwork.

Are artworks sold stretched or framed?

All artworks are quoted and sold on an unstretched basis. However, upon request we can sell artworks stretched/framed too, this will incur an additional fee.

Can I visit Ikuntji Artists and how do I get there?

Yes, you can visit the art centre and meet some artists at work. Please refer to our Contact page for contact details and a map.

Can I purchase Ikuntji Art online?

Yes, please refer to our gallery on the website.

Do you freight purchased artworks?

Yes, we can send artworks to anywhere in the world.

Can I volunteer at Ikuntji Artists?

Yes, have a look at our volunteer and intern testimonials. For enquiries please send a message through our contact form. We are always looking for volunteers with expertise in a variety of fields.