Larissa Brumby

Larissa Brumby

Larissa was born in Alice Springs. Her family is from Docker River and her Tjukurrpa is Kungka Kotara (Two Women).

“I paint my grandmother’s story from Amputjurru, which is near Docker River. It is the story of Kungka Kotara (Two Women). I learnt this story by watching my grandmother paint since I was 14 years old. My grandmother is called Angela Ginger and she paints for Tjarlili Arts in Docker River. I used to paint there too some times. I married Malcolm Multa and moved to Haasts Bluff in 2019. I have four brothers but I am the only artist. Since I moved to Haasts Bluff I now paint for Ikuntji Artists.”

Haasts Bluff

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  • 2023
    Tarnanthi Art Fair, Adelaide SA