Rosemary Peters

Language:PitjantjatjaraDate of birth:1989-03-14Community:Fregon

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Rosemary was born in 1989 in Fregon (Kaltjiti) Community in the APY Lands in South Australia, and has lived there for most of her life. Her parents are both Pitjantjara, which is the language Rosemary primarily speaks. She came to Haast’s Bluff to visit and work with her cousin Noreen Dixon, who paints the same Dreaming. She was taught to paint by her maternal grandmother, acclaimed painter Tinpulya Mervyn. Both Tinpulya and her sister Wipana Jimmy are members of the Watarru Collaborative who paint stories from the dreaming at Watarru. Rosemary paints the Waru at Watarru, which tells the story of when two Tjangalas carried fire down to this land. 

Past Exhibitions

  • Weaving Culture II: Ikuntji Artists 2022-06-09
  • Tarnanthi Art Fair 2020 2020-12-04