Tjilpi Patu Tjukurrpa (Old Man Dreaming) by Francis Marshall


This painting depicts the Tjilpi Patu Tjukurrpa (Old Man Dreaming) at Watiyawanu (Mount Liebig). Watiyawanu (Mt Liebig) is Warlpiri and Luritja country, located on the Western edge of the Macdonnell ranges (West of Haasts Bluff). This Tjukurrpa was passed down to the artist from his mother, Jeannie Wareenie Ross, who also paints this story. Francis depicts the Tjilpi (old man) sitting in the middle, surrounded by women who are preparing bushtucker for him. The women walk around gathering different foods, Yalka (Bush Onion), Ipalo (Bush Banana) and Akartjiri (Bush Tomato). You can see their footprints along the earth.