Beanie Workshop

Ended — at Ikuntji Artists

Gordon Butcher and Alison Multa with their beanies created during the Beanie Workshop in April 2014, support of Ngurratjuta RJCP and Alice Springs Beanie Festival, photo by Ken Duncan

Ikuntji Artists is excited to be part of this year’s Alice Springs Beanie Festival:

In 2016 we are celebrating two decades of warm and woolly friendship and creativity at the festival. We want to celebrate our diverse country and cultures in our work. Out do your self for this very special anniversary exhibition. Beanie Festival

Alison Multa’s beanie was acquired for the Beanie Festival Collection in 2015. As part of the celebrations Ikuntji Artists will host a beanie workshop for the second time.

Beanies in progress
Beanies in progress
Beanie in progress by Herman Whiskey
Beanie in progress by Jeffrey Jackson
the table is filling up with great designs!
beanie in progress by Patricia Multa

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