DAAFF at Fashfest, Canberra ACT


FASHFEST, a stunning three-day fashion experience, cultivates modern, emerging fashion, design and creative talent on Australia’s capital stage for the world to see.

Held 28 to 30 September, FASHFEST is the most glamorous, red-carpet fashion event on Canberra’s annual social calendar. Three nights. Six distinct shows (two per night). One total fashion experience.

Ikuntji Artists is proud to announce that our garment created by Gordon Butcher was chosen to be part of the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair Foundation collection showcased at FASHFEST.

Dynamic, ambitious and vibrant, with a cutting-edge spirit, FASHFEST 2017 showcases the new collections of more than 40 designers on the catwalk–local, national and international labels.

FASHFEST, in celebrating fashion, arts and culture, is packed with stylish runway shows, featuring stunning models, extraordinary hair and makeup, live music and original tracks, original short films, exclusive behind-the-scenes backstage tours, glamorous VIP parties and more.

Now in its fifth year, FASHFEST will be held at the award-winning National Convention Centre Canberra, to accommodate the biggest show ever. The space, brought to life with inspirational sound and lighting, will be transformed into a magnificent backdrop for the biggest runway event ever seen in the capital, enabling guests to get ‘up close and personal’ with exciting, unique and diverse fashion design.

FASHFEST 2017 is not just an event. It’s a total fashion experience, from the moment guests approach the venue until they enjoy their last sip of champagne. Its vision is to take guests to places they would not ordinarily go and show them what they would not ordinarily see. It promises excitement and delivers with spine-tingling effect.

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