Julien “Seth” Malland – Globepainter

Ended — at Ikuntji Artists

Image courtesy Ikuntji Artists

In June 2013 street artist Seth aka Globepainter aka Julien Mallard came to Ikuntji Artists. He has travelled all over the world working on street art projects that brighten the environment, and he really left a bright impression on Haasts Bluff. Julien worked with Ikuntji artist Alison Napurrula Multa to create a fantastic mural at the Art Centre featuring a portrait of Alison and her grandson. In Alison’s words: “When I grew up we had no power, no running water. We learnt about culture from our parents and grandparents. I am holding this culture now. Our grandchildren may learn about culture through technology. Computers and technology may help us preserve our culture and thus keep it strong.” This image talks beautifully about the past, present and future.

Julien and Alison not only collaborated on a painting but Alison took him to her country, Muruntji – Mt Winter, and showed him what life was like prior to contact with European settlers.

Globepainter also worked his creative magic on a wall at the Haasts Bluff School as well as at the store. Working with the kids he created a vibrant and beautiful mural which will brighten the school for years to come.

You can follow Seth Globepainter’s work at https://www.flickr.com/photos/seth_globepainter


Ikuntji Artists
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