WALIPAN / Puli Puli (Weaving & Rocks)

Ended — at Northern Centre for Contemporary Art

NCCA is proud to present recent works from Durrmu Arts and Ikuntji Artists, focusing on the work of two distinguished Indigenous artists from the Northern Territory – Regina Pilawuk Wilson from Peppimenarti (Durrmu Arts) and Keturah Zimran from Haasts Bluff (Ikuntji Artists).

Regina Wilson’s painting are known for their subtle and delicate textures derived from sun mat weaving. This exhibition highlights these traditional weaving techniques and showcases the walipan – fish nets made using traditional materials and dyes. Each net is a communal effort, taking three to six months to make, from the gathering of the merrepen fibres, to sourcing natural pigments, dying, and weaving the nets. This traditional technique has been passed down through Regina Wilson’s family:

“My mother taught me how to weave the walipan … Me and my four sisters, we used to help our mum get sand palm, and help rub the ochre into the string. If she didn’t teach us how to make walipan, or dilly bag, I wouldn’t know how to do it, but I do because my mother taught us.”

The bold designs and earthy colours of Keturah Zimran’s work have been gaining the attention of the art world across Australia and internationally. Keturah paints the puli puli (rocks) and tali tali (sandhills) at Haasts Bluff, where she grew up, and Karrkurrutintja (Lake Macdonald, near the WA/NT border), her grandmother’s country.

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