Ann Lane nee Dixon

Ann Lane nee Dixon

Language:LuritjaDate of birth:1960-04-13Community:Kintore

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Ann was born in Alice Springs and grew up in Papunya where she attended school. Her mother is Jocelyn Nampitjinpa, a Warlpiri woman and her father is Benny Tjapatjari from Warakurna in the NPY lands of Western Australia. Ann remembers a long time ago, when her father would walk with camels to Hermannsburg with rations for the people. There was a film made about her father, “Benny and the Dreamers” (1992) that tells the story of Benny and other Pintupi men.

Ann met her husband and fellow painter, Joseph Lane, a long time ago when he worked as a stockman between Glen Helen, Haasts Bluff and Pupunya. The two lived between Haasts Bluff, Papunya and Kintore as they raised their three children. For a time, they also lived at Pirrnpirrnga (desert bore) outstation, where her father is from. Ann says she has been painting for a long time now. She remembers sitting and painting at the old Ikuntji Art Centre with the old men and women, amongst them, Eunice Napanangka Jack and Mitjili Napurrula. She remembers that they used to make a fire inside the art centre and sometimes sleep there overnight.  Ann painted for Papunya Tula artists for some time, but has been painting for Ikuntji now since 2001. She predominantly paints the Tjukurrpa from her father’s country, Pirrnpirrnga – Desert Bore, depicting the surrounding tali tali (sand hills) with bold lines, overlayed with fine dot work in varying colours. Her father, Benny, used to paint that same story. Ann is now the only one in her family that paints. She regularly comes in to the art centre and paints for hours at a time, often with husband Joseph Lane sitting with her, sometimes painting too. 

Current Exhibitions

Past Exhibitions

  • 'Dessin du territoire – Territoire du dessin / Land drawing – Land of drawing' 2021-10-06
  • “Land Drawing – Drawing of the Land”, Les Jardins Suspendus, Le Havre France 2021-07-02
  • Tarnanthi Art Fair 2020 2020-12-04
  • 2019 AIATSIS Indigenous Art Market 2019-12-06
  • Tarnanthi Art Fair 2019, Adelaide 2019-10-18
  • Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair 2019 2019-08-09
  • National Indigenous Art Fair, Overseas Passenger Terminal, The Rocks, Sydney NSW 2019-06-28
  • AIATSIS Aboriginal Art Fair 2018, Canberra 2018-12-07
  • TARNANTHI Art Fair 2018 2018-10-16
  • Ikuntji Artists - Irrimatitja, Japingka Gallery, Fremantle WA 2018-09-20
  • Desert Mob Market Place 2018 2018-09-06
  • Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair 2018 2018-08-09
  • Bourgogne Tribal Show, Arts d’Australie • Stéphane Jacob, Paris 2018-05-24
  • Art Paris Art Fair 2018, Arts d’Australie • Stéphane Jacob, Paris 2018-04-04
  • San Francisco Tribal & Textile Art Fair, Arts d’Australie • Stéphane Jacob & Suzanne O’Connell Gallery, San Francisco 2018-02-08
  • Power and Colour, 34th annual San Francisco Tribal & Textile Art Show at Fort Mason, San Francisco USA 2018-02-07
  • Desert Mob Marketplace 2017 2017-12-07
  • Desert Mob, Araluen, Alice Springs NT 2017-09-07
  • 11th Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair, Darwin Convention Centre, Darwin NT 2017-08-11
  • Blak Markets at Barrangaroo, Sydney NSW 2017-07-01
  • One Country - Many Stories, Colin Biggers & Paisley Foundation, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane 2017-06-19
  • Entre terre et ciel, Savasse, France 2016-08-14
  • 10th Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair, Darwin NT 2016-08-04
  • Chants du Desert - Art aborigene contemporain, La Chapelle du College dEu, Ville dEu, France 2016-06-09
  • Ikuntji Artists – Paintings from Haasts Bluff, Northern Territory, Jaktman Australian Contemporary Art Gallery 2016-02-24
  • Summer Stock, The Port Hedland Courthouse Gallery, Port Hedland WA 2015-10-30
  • Tarnanthi Festival Art Fair, Tandanya Institute. Adelaide 2015-10-08
  • 9th Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair, Darwin, NT 2015-08-06
  • Power of Place, FORM 2015-04-09
  • 8th Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair 2014-08-06