Joyce Dixon

Joyce Dixon was born in 1977 at Papunya, and has been painting since she was around 10 years old. She paints her country, Karrinyarra (Mount Wedge), which is around two hours’ drive north of Haasts Bluff. This is the country of the Napaltjarri women and Japaltjarri men. She was raised partly by Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri and Paddy Tjungarrayi Carroll, two senior lawmen and renowned artists of the Papunya Tula art movement of the 1970s, and much of Joyce’s childhood was spent steeped in the artistic traditions of this area. Joyce paints a number of stories, including the Snake and Water Dreaming (Ngapa Tjukurrpa), the Witchetty Grub and Snake Dreaming, Bush Onion and Bush flowers. She has inherited these stories from senior relatives on both her mother’s and father’s sides.

Haasts Bluff