Noreen Dixon

Noreen Dixon

Skin name:NapaltjarriLanguage:LuritjaDate of birth:1990-08-10Community:Haasts Bluff : NT

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Noreen was born in Alice Springs, but moved to Fregon (Kaltjiti) Community and then to Haasts Bluff as a child. She is the daughter of painter and fibre artist Anne Dixon and Simon Dixon, son of acclaimed artist Alice Nampitjinpa. Noreen speaks both Pitjantjara and Luritja as well as English. She learnt to paint while in her mother’s sacred country at Waturru in South Australia. She often painted in company of her mother, learning her mother’s stories, before her mother passed away. She was taught about dreaming by her maternal grandmother, who would sing songs to tell the stories to the younger generation. As well as painting, Noreen learned Ininti (seed) jewellery-making from her grandmother, and has helped run Ininti-making workshops in Darwin with Ikuntji Artists.

Past Exhibitions

  • 'Story Necklace' exhibition, South Australian Museum 2020-12-17
  • Tarnanthi Art Fair 2020 2020-12-04
  • Alice Springs Beanie Festival 2015 - Opposites Attract 2015-06-18