Pam Brown

Pam Brown

Language:Luritja, PintubiDate of birth:1960-07-01Community:Haasts Bluff

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Pam was born in Papunya in 1960 and grew up there attending the public school. She also attended Yarrara College in Alice Springs to further her education. Pam has 2 sons, Douglas Sampson and Taron Sampson and one daughter Kirralyn Sampson. Pam was taught to paint by her uncle Cameron Tjapaltjarri who was a Papunya Tula Artist. Pam used to be a Health Worker in Kintore when she had a young family. Pam Brown now lives and paints in Haasts Bluff and is one of Ikuntji Artists rising stars. Her beautiful concentric paintings are Papa Tjukurrpa – Dog Dreaming. It is of Niyuman, east of Kintore and it is secret men’s business. This was her father’s Tjukurrpa.

Past Exhibitions