Napanangkalu watiya kuntanyi tururruku / Eunice is cutting the wood for clapping sticks by Christine Multa


In the artist’s words: “In September, on a warm day, we went on a bush trip to get wood for nulla-nulla and clapping sticks. While Alison Napurrula Multa and Eunice Napanangka Jack were looking for wood, I was taking pictures of them. My cousin Alison is looking for wood to make a nulla-nulla. Anangu use the nulla-nulla for ceremony in our dances. Alison made a nulla-nulla for our art festival. My grandmother Eunice is looking for wood to make a clapping stick. Anangu use the clapping sticks to clap and sing in ceremonies. Eunice made clapping sticks for our art festival. This was the first time I experimented with photography including people. It made me feel happy because I am trying to learn more about taking pictures.”