Artist-in-residency at IES, Brisbane 2017

Ended — at IES College, Brisbane.

Ikuntji Artists’ Susie Lane and Keturah Zimran will be artists-in-residency at the International Education Services in Brisbane. This ongoing partnership with IES brings Indigenous artists to the Foundation Year Students in Brisbane. It gives them an opportunity to learn about Indigenous arts and culture first hand. Through a series of workshops on site students and teachers engage with our artists.

This year’s workshops focus on facilitating IEs students to paint about their own culture and identity onto shoes. The project originated from our earlier project, ‘Put yourself in my shoes’ 

On the other hand our artists have the opportunity to visit art galleries and museums in Brisbane, meet curators and discuss their work with them.

The residency is built on the principle of Nyapati-Nyapati which translates to give and take or half and half.

Thank you IES for having us!


IES College, Brisbane.