Borne – Sculpture for the body

Ended — at Stanley Street Gallery

A diverse range of established, mid-career and emerging sculptors were asked to make work which could be worn or which stepped into the field of jewellery or body adornment. For many sculptors, this is their first foray into work for the body.

At what point does ‘sculpture’ become ‘jewellery’? Is it just a question of application or scale? Does it need to be wearable? How can the body animate work? How can sculpture respond to the body? Do we need to consider the history/our preconceptions of ‘jewellery’/’art jewellery?’ What does wearable work look like today? How far can we push materials? Technology? What happens to it when it leaves the body? What happens when we ask people (the maker/the viewer) to step outside their usual frame of reference for an artwork?

Bold, thoughtful & sometimes surprising responses include new work by sculptors Robert Barnstone, Bronwyn Berman, Will Coles, Lynda Draper, Marguerite Derricourt, Harrie Fasher, Michael le Grand, Christopher Hodges, Jane Gillings, Stephen King, Anita Larkin, Lynette Lewis, Peter Lundberg, Fiona Meller, Tom Moore, Ingrid Morley, Virginia Ngalaia Napanangka, Yoshio Nitta, Jenny Pollack, Michael Purdy, James Rogers, Jimmy Rix, Elyssa Sykes- Smith, Marissa Thompson, Walter Jugadai Tjungurrayi & Vince Vozzo.

Curated by – Margarita Sampson

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Stanley Street Gallery
1/52-54 Stanley Street, Darlinghurst New South Wales

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