Jewellery Workshop

Ended — at Ikuntji Artists

Ikuntji Artists recently hosted workshops for a contemporary jewellery project curated by Emily McCulloch Childs, of McCulloch & McCulloch and Melanie Katsalidis, of Pieces of Eight. The workshops were run by Kate Rohde, resin artist and Pieces of Eight jeweller, and curator Emily McCulloch Childs, who visited Ikuntji Artists for a week-long intensive workshop on resin and silver jewellery.

Alison Multa, Virginia Ngalaia, Aaron Kingsley, Walter Jugadai, Gordon Butcher, Macy Jugadai, Benita Multa, Raphina Multa, Marilyn Jack, Claudia Marshall and Serianne Butcher all took part. Each artist took their traditional punu (carving), ceramics and jewellery skills and made casts, which were then created into contemporary coloured resins.

The results are an amazing array of contemporary fine art jewellery pieces inspired by the animals, landscape, carvings and stories of this country.

We are really excited about this new use of traditional skills, which will be exhibited at Pieces of Eight Gallery, Melbourne, and touring nationally.It will be available online through Edition X and the Ikuntji Artists website. In addition, the curators and artists have worked with filmmaker Dan Coutts to create a short film about the project. You can check Kate’s resin jewellery at and, and her amazing resin fine art vases on her website

This workshop was funded by Santos and we would like to thank them for support with this initiative.


Ikuntji Artists
Lot 53
Haasts Bluff, NT 0872